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From Yellow Pages:

-Great framing, Great Prices. Don’t even bother with the big box stores. For one, their sales are not really sales, and 2. Kensington Framing has better service, and frames, and knows what they are talking about.  I was in and out fast, because they could figure out what went with my picture right away. They are not pushy at all. They just explain how it is, and let you decide.


From Google:

 -Tired of the ridiculous prices at Michael’s, I decided to give Kensington Framing and design a shot and I am very happy I did. I bought a large oil painting while on vacation that needed to be stretched. When I contacted Kensington Framing they were 1/3 the cost of Michael’s – never going back there. I also brought back and very large hand-carved wooden frame in four pieces that was for the oil painting. Jason, at Kensington Framing, put the cumbersome frame back together, attached the painting and even touched up a few scuff marks – going above and beyond. Highly recommended to all those tired of Michael’s prices!


-This was my second time using Kensington Framing & Design. Once again, Jason exceeded expectations! High quality work, fair price, fast service, and very friendly. Much better than any other shop I’ve used in the past. I’d highly recommend KFD!

-We had 2 vacation pictures printed, matted and framed without even stepping foot in the store. Kensington Framing helped us pick out the framing and mats and did an awesome job. They turned out better than we could have hoped. I highly recommend Kensington Framing & Design. We will be using them again!


-Jason will be doing ALL of our work from now on and I highly recommend that anyone in our local community use Kensington Framing & Design… The only framers for the Tapestry!


-Kensington Framing & Design (KFD) has done a great job in framing two items for my family. We had high expectations for KFD, knowing that the owner gets his frames from a quality moulding dealer, CMI, in Burtonsville. Even with our high standards, KFD met our expectations and we were very pleased with the end products. KFD framed an NFL jersey hung neatly in a display frame for my husband and later framed a print that was very special to my family. In both situations we let KFD pick out the mats and the frames. They displayed good taste in selecting mat/frame combinations that are very pleasing to the eye. We highly recommend the work of KFD.


-I got a signed Peter Bondra Jersey and it was a one of a kind piece. After looking online for premade frames to display, I decided to take a look here. They helped me get exactly the frame I wanted with a perfect matting for the jersey. The final result speaks for itself. Every time anyone sees it they go wow nice jersey, and man nice frame. If you have something special, or even just want a high quality frame from a Small Local Business this place is it.

-I wouldn’t go anywhere else but Kensington Framing! They have framed all kinds of precious memorabilia for us (wedding pictures, irreplaceable written documents, even a pair of monogrammed baby bloomers!) and did a fabulous job. Check them out! They are worth the drive!


-I had a movie poster I wanted to do something special with besides just a plain old frame. He picked out a perfect frame and made it look awesome with the matting. I just love what he did and even get compliments from others on it. Couldn’t be happier with this place!


-I have been going to Kensington Framing for all my framing needs for several years. I have recommended this business to family and friends, and no one has been disappointed. The owner hasn’t seen a project he couldn’t frame, everything from my mother’s childhood dresses to original pieces of art. The turn around from drop off to pick up is timely and the price is fair and competitive. I give this business a 2 thumbs up.

-I had to get a couple pieces framed for work, so I tried Kensington Framing. The first piece turned out fantastic, and everyone at work was impressed. We receive another piece that needed framing a couple weeks later, so I went straight to Kensington Framing! It was sized differently, but I wanted to get a frame that was similar to the previous piece. The owner was extremely helpful and the framing job was perfect!



-Great place to get framing! All of my art work is done here. Quick turnaround, wonderful quality work and reasonable prices. They are very friendly and offer great suggestions if you are stuck on picking the perfect frame. I wont go anywhere else!


-Love this place!  Very friendly, reasonable prices, and they do excellent work.  I used to work for a custom framing shop and I am very picky, so it’s nice to find a framer I can trust!


- Just visited Kensington Framing for the first time and am so glad I did!  The prices were competitive with the big box stores, but without the wait, hassle, or impersonal service.  I really liked Jason’s suggestions for mats and frames, and I was happily surprised to get a call just a few days later that my three (large) pieces were ready for pick-up.  Will definitely come back for future framing needs.

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-My wife suggested that this writer have a flag that was with my Naval Special Ops unit near Moc Hoa, VN – that was frayed, bullet hoes about it, dirty in spots, but a very precious memory of my second combat tour. The flag was snatched off it’s pole just as I was about to board the Huey in June of 69. It is most precious to me so I took it to Jason for framing. He did a wonderful job is not giving him enough credit. As it is large and unique the cost was to some perhaps high but for us esp. in seeing the finished product worth every dollar spent. It will hang in a prominent spot in our new home to be started building in June in the Chestertown, MD area. That he and his wife work so well as a team only complimented the final product.


-Kensington Framing is the best!  I’ve been going there for more than 20 years.  A few years ago I was worried when the managers and staff announced they were moving to another location.  But then Jason took over, and it is even better than ever.  I enjoy art, especially Japanese woodblocks, and occasionally come across some prints that need framing.  It is important to me t