Large Format Photo Printing, and photo copying

At Kensington Framing we can enlarge and print your digital photos to the custom size of your choice up to 24x36.   We can also scan and make copies of your existing photos.

We use  Epson's Satin 260g paper for most of our printing.


The printer we have in house is the Epson 7890 printer which uses 9 ink cartridges to print the best quality photos you can get, and prints up to 24 inches wide x 25 feet long if needed.


Discounts will apply for multiple photos printed at the same time.


We only accept photos taken on a real camera on flash drives or Drop Box  due to quality deterioration issues with emails. 

If your photo was taken on a camera phone, the quality may not drop too much if it is emailed.  

(This is not a while you wait service, and Framing takes at least a week.)