Congrats to the CAPS

Our Goal:

To provide the best quality framing for the fairest price in our area!  

All work is done in the store by the owner,  Jason!   Unlike my competitors.  I am the only one who does the work.   When dealing with employees at other small shops or large stores, they have nothing to lose.  When dealing with me, I have everything to lose.   I do it right the first time.  


Nothing is sent out.  Most work can be completed in under 2 weeks, sometimes sooner.


We can frame your diplomas, posters, photos, wedding photos, maps, records, presidential letters, military medals, and whatever else you may have.   We also do shadowbox framing.  We have over 2000 frames available. Give us a call if you have any questions.  

We can print and frame your photos all under one roof as well.   We just need the best quality image you can get us, and we can do the rest. 

We can also do multi cut openings in mats for a bunch of different sized photos or items in one frame.  Precision cut with our computerized mat cutter.

Custom Sized Mirrors:

We can make a custom sized framed mirror to fit any of those spaces where a standard sized mirror just won't do.   We can also re-frame any old mirrors as well.