Stay strong America!

Our Goal:

  To provide the best quality framing for the fairest price in our area!   

   All work is done in the store by the owner, nothing is mailed off, or mailed back.  Everything is cut and put together here inside the store.  (We have fixed quite a few things mailed to customers from other places, so they actually end up having to pay 2x for the same thing to be framed properly.)  


  Most work can be completed in 1 week or a little longer with shorter work weeks and how much we have to do

   We work with you to make the choices for your art work, or documents easy.  Most customers are in and out of here in under 15 mins and happy with the choices we made together.   If you have ideas, I will work with them as well.  

   Here you can see the choices up close, as well as  touch the frame and mats first hand to really see what you are getting.  (Just yesterday someone called asking if I could trim one inch off their frame cause they thought it would be smaller than it was, and wanted it smaller.)  The answer is no, of course, but, point is, you may not be happy with what you get if you dont see what you are getting in person.

  We can frame your diplomas, posters, rock posters, photos, wedding photos, maps, puzzles, records, presidential letters.   Give us a call if you have any questions.  


  We can also have plaques made to go inside the frame with whatever it is you are framing.  Gold, or silver in color with black writing. 

Custom Sized Mirrors:

We can make a custom sized framed mirror to fit any of those spaces where a standard sized mirror just won't do.   We can also re-frame any old mirrors as well.