Custom Picture Framing

We have added in a very good HEPA air filter, an IQair,  to help keep our air safe!

Kensington Framing is owner owned and operated.


Our Goal:  

   To provide the best quality framing for the fairest price in our area!   

   All work is done in the store by the owner.  Nothing is mailed off, or mailed back.  Everything is cut and put together here inside of the store.  Most work can be completed in under 2 weeks.  Sometimes sooner.

   We work with you to make the choices for your art work, or documents.  Most of our customers are in and out of here in under 15 mins, and are happy with the choices we have made together.   If you have any ideas, I will work with those as well.  

   Here you can see the choices up close, as well as touch the frames and mats to see what you are getting first hand.


  We can frame your diplomas, documents, posters, rock posters, photos, wedding photos, maps, puzzles, records, presidential letters.  

 Give us a call if you have any questions.