We have over 2000 frames to choose from

We sell frames from 2 different factories.  Come in and check out the selection

Different types of Glass we sell

We carry 4 types of glass, and 4 types of plexi glass.
Glass types:
   1. Regular glass

   2. Regular UV 99% UV protection

   3. Anti-glare glass  72% UV protection

   4. Museum glass... Anti-glare  99% UV protection

Plexi Glass types.
   1. Regular Plexi

   2. UV Plexi  99% UV protection

   3. UV Scratch Free UV protection 99%
   4  Optium Arcrylic  Anti-glare, Scratch free, Static free, 99% UV protection

The difference between glass and plexi is really in cost and how it works.  Regular plexi can scratch, but not break, while regular glass can break but won't scratch.  Plexi does cost a bit more than glass but has its benefits.


We recommend plexi glass on things going in a kids room in case they knock it over so it won't shatter all over the room.  

Our Matboard Selection

We sell 4 companies worth of mat boards.  
   1. Bainbridge

   2. Peterboro

   3. Cresent
   4. Miller mats

Almost 1000 colors to choose from.

We only sell the conservation/ acid free, or museum boards.  No cheap paper mats like other shops  may sell.  The price difference isn't worth it to sell the cheap ones really.