Frame Repair Services

  We can do basic frame repair, IE, the picture falls and the corners come apart.  We cannot fix plastic frames at all.  ( There are also some very weird wood frames out there that my machines can't even handle, nor hold in place.)   

    Some wood frames may not be able to be repaired based on how they were originally put together,  as well as how they fell apart or pulled apart when they fell.   Metal frames bend and cannot be fixed if they fall.   We typically recommend a new frame if they are bent.

     We can replace glass for almost half the price as the big box stores.   We can also upgrade glass to Anti glare if you wanted as well even if the glass isn't broken.

     We will recommend new glass on OLD pictures if you have anything changed on them because glass absorbs dirt,  and can't look new again no matter how much cleaning goes into them.... You don't have to, but we can't promise it won't look perfect when you pick it up.

     We can replace mats on any picture... We will take it apart and take the old mats off and put new ones on, and can change the colors of them if you want them to be a different color to match whatever decor you have in your room or house.  If the job is too difficult or may not come out correctly we will tell you.  We do the best we can to fix it if possible.  

We can also replace frames if they come damaged from any online framers if needed.